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Recruiter Stories: The Struggling and Hiring Expats

Moving to another country in search of a new start requires lots of courage. 

But especially painful is the struggle to find a job in an unknown environment. 

Inés Ben Naceur, an International Recruitment Specialist and an expat herself, shared with us the story of one expatriated candidate that deeply touched her.

This individual had made the brave decision to move to a new country in search of a fresh start in life, which I can personally relate to as an expat. However, they encountered numerous challenges while trying to secure a job due to their limited experience

This struggle had a profound impact on the candidate, both mentally and financially, leading to an almost absolute loss of hope.  

But it was exactly at that time when Inés found them. “Fortunately, I came across this candidate while assisting my client in filling a crucial role. I immediately recognized the potential in this person and knew they would be an ideal fit for the position and the team. I took it upon myself to ensure my client saw what I saw in them.”

She passionately advocated for this candidate, highlighting their unique qualities, determination, and adaptability. “I shared their story and conveyed how their experiences abroad had equipped them with valuable skills and perspectives. Also, I emphasized how their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn would make them an asset to the organization.”

After careful consideration, the client trusted Inés’ judgment and finally decided to give this candidate a chance. And they never regretted it. 

It has been some time since then, and I am thrilled to share that this candidate has flourished in their role. They have embraced the challenges, surpassed expectations, and become an integral part of the team. Witnessing their growth and transformation has been incredibly rewarding


“Knowing that I played a part in changing this candidate's life fills me with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude,” concludes Inés.  

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