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Building the most trusted recruiting experience in the world.

Workfully is a B2B Marketplace set to replace recruiting agencies through its technology platform.

On one side, it empowers independent Recruiters to effortlessly build their digital business. On the other hand, Workfully enables companies to recruit more efficiently in any country or vertical, eliminating the need for large recruiting teams or agency spending. 


Assumptions & Thesis

The recruitment Industry has failed both Recruiters and companies

We believe Recruiters don’t receive enough credit for the critical role they play in business and society. Despite over $700 billion being spent yearly on recruiting agencies, most companies and professionals have mixed feelings about the industry. This is due to the recruitment sector's shady, crowded, and fragmented nature, lacking any real technological differentiators.

Recruiters deserve better, and so do companies

The recruitment agency model has existed for thousands of years. Many startups have attempted (and failed) to replace Recruiters. At Workfully, we believe Recruiters are the sole point of value in the industry. Therefore, our vision is to empower Recruiters to build a new breed of recruitment business online using our technology, enabling them to retain more value for themselves.

Technology combined with people equals trust.

Building a new breed of recruitment business on a technology platform enables companies to transparently access data, insights, recruiter activity, real talent pools, reputation, previous work, and candidate feedback. This resolves the long-standing trust issue within the industry. It also empowers Recruiters to establish a scalable, digital business resembling more of a content creator model than a traditional, poorly scalable recruitment agency.


The values we look for in ourselves, our partners and our employees


Embrace the adventure

We find excitement and growth in uncomfortable situations.

Constantly move the needle

Move fast and focus on what matters.

Trust by default

Trust is the single most important foundation of Workfully.

Give first

Uninterested giving is the best way to build meaningful relationships.

Come build the future of recruiting with us

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